Welcome to Fukuoka
Tenjin Shopping Street!

Nicknamed “the Gateway of Asia,” TENJIN is Kyushu’s largest shopping district. Find sightseeing, dining, shopping, and entertainment all in one place, topped off with wonderful weather and great access to public transportation and hotels! Welcome to TENJIN!


Located on Tenjin Boulevard in the heart of Fukuoka, Iwataya is one of Kyushu’s most popular shopping malls.

Iwataya covers over 50,000 square meters, and offers the best variety of international brands and fashionable items selected by Iwataya professionals.

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Mitsukoshi is located directly over Nishitetsu Fukuoka (Tenjin) Station. It offers customers a new model of luxury shopping experience.

You can find famous global labels as well as a wide collection of Japanese brands from Tokyo, Kansai and Fukuoka. Find Tenjin's hottest fashion and food trends here at Mitsukoshi.

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Starting Tuesday, October 1st, 2019, all foreign visitors are eligible to receive a Guest Card. Show your card to get 5% off purchases.

Customers can also apply for a Guest Card in advance using a smartphone.
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Guest Cards are issued at the Tax-Free Counter.

[Where to Get Guest Cards]

Iwataya Main Store: New Building, 1st Floor, Tax-Free Counter
Fukuoka Mitsukoshi: 4th Floor, Tax-Free Counter

*Passport is required for application.

[Eligible Customers]

Customers visiting Japan from other countries.

*Landing Permission seal must have been issued within 6 months.

*Immigration status must be "Temporary Visitor".

[Payment Methods]

Cash / Personal Credit Card / UnionPay Card / Alipay / WeChat Pay

*Cards with a different customer name cannot be used.

*Guest Cards can only be used by the original applicant.

*Names on the Guest Card, credit card, and UnionPay Card must match the customer’s passport. (Tax-free checkout is only available for customers who can prove their identity, and will be denied if the names do not match.)

[Non-Applicable Items]

・ Items with unit price of less than 3,000 yen

・ Sale items

・ Food products and/or restaurant and cafe dining

・ Service fees including shipping, processing, and repair costs

・ Photo studios, beauty salons, hair salons, barbers, etc.

・ Gift certificates, gold/silver/silver bullion, video game consoles

・ Specific exempted brands (Ask staff for details.)

*Non-applicable brands: Specific products designated at Rolex, Hermès, BVLGARI, Cartier, Tiffany & Co, Leica, Patek Philippe, Van Cleef & Arpels, FOXEY and other stores.

*Caution: Please note that the non-applicable items list may be expanded.

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Why choose Iwataya and Mitsukoshi?

Newest & Largest Selection

Iwataya and Mitsukoshi form Kyushu’s largest shopping complex, which boasts over 3,500 shops. Find the newest trends from across Japan all in one place.

All Items Tax-Free

Iwataya and Mitsukoshi offer tax-free shopping for all items in every tenant shop. It's easy: Once you have completed all of your purchases, go to the tax-free checkout to receive your refund.


Iwataya and Mitsukoshi have international staff to serve every customer’s needs. The location is easily accessible, and the Iwataya Main Store is equipped with a currency exchange machine.


(From the Iwataya Mitsukoshi collection)

Iwataya Main Store

Iwataya is a historic department store located in Tenjin, Fukuoka. It was established by Koemon Nakamuta in 1754 during the Edo period as Beniya (meaning "the Red House"), a kimono shop preceding Iwataya. Ten years later in 1764, it changed its name to Iwataya. In 1936, it opened a shop in Tenjin, which became the first and major department store in Kyushu. Iwataya is currently split into the Main Building and New Building (Annex), and boasts one of Kyushu's biggest brand selections, notably its luxury and cosmetic brand lineup. It is frequented by customers not only from Kyushu, but also from around the world.

Masanobu Okumura's woodblock print, Large Perspective View of the Interior of Echigo-ya in Suruga-cho, showing the Echigoya Kimono Shop
(From the Mitsukoshi Isetan collection)

Fukuoka Mitsukoshi

Fukuoka Mitsukoshi is the Fukuoka branch of the historic Mitsukoshi department store. It was established by Takatoshi Mitsui in 1673 during the Edo period as a kimono shop called "Echigoya". In 1904, the store took the Chinese character for "Mitsu" in Mitsui's last name and combined it with character for "Echi" (alternatively read as "koshi") from "Echigoya", giving the store the new name of Mitsukoshi Kimono Shop. In the same year, it declared itself a department store. This was the first department store in Japan, and remains as the current "Mitsukoshi". In 1997, Fukuoka Mitsukoshi opened, and it continues to offer products enriching people's lives, such as clocks, jewelry, artwork and crafts, fashion items, and high-quality food products.


comme des garçons

Internationally adored fashion label comme des garçons is available at Iwataya. Find the newest releases here before anywhere else, and get them tax-free!

Kyushu’s Best Cuisine

Fukuoka is a foodie's paradise. Iwataya and Mitsukoshi offer the best gourmet from all around Kyushu! Complement your shopping with a fantastic gourmet experience, either for yourself or to take home for friends and family.

Biggest Sake Selection

Browse one of the largest sake collections in Japan. Iwataya is the only department store in Japan that offers direct sales for the famous "Dassai" sake label.

Cosmetics Brand List

[Iwataya / Mitsukoshi]


[Iwataya only]


[Mitsukoshi only]

白鳳堂, POLA, 雪肌精, and more... 白鳳堂, POLA, 雪肌精, and more...


・Using the Nishitetsu Tenjin Omuta Line
Walk from Nishitetsu Fukuoka (Tenjin) Station (5 min)

・ Using Express Bus
Walk from Tenjin Bus Center (5 min)

・ Using the Fukuoka City Subway
Kuko Line: Walk from Tenjin Station (5 min)
Nanakuma Line: Walk from Tenjin-Minami Station (5 min)

・ Visiting from JR Hakata Station
Take the City Subway Kuko Line from Hakata Station → Tenjin Station (5 min) → Walk (5 min)
Take the Nishitetsu Bus from Hakata Station Bus Terminal A → Tenjin Bus Center-Mae (100-yen zone)

・ Visiting from Fukuoka Airport
Take the City Subway Kuko Line from Fukuoka Airport Station → Tenjin Station (11 min) → Walk (5 min)

This video is showing directions from "Tenjin" Station. From Fukuoka Airport, take the Fukuoka City Subway from "Fukuoka Airport" Station and get off at "Tenjin" Station.


  • Fukuoka Mitsukoshi

Tax-Free Checkout Procedures

Japanese Tax Exemption System

Learn more about Japan’s consumption tax exemption system to enjoy a better shopping experience. In general, tax-free shopping applies to products such as consumer electronics, accessories and shoes, as well as consumable products such as alcohol, food, cosmetics, tobacco, and medicine. Please check the requirements for utilizing the tax exemption system.

Hotel Delivery Service

Iwataya Main Store and Fukuoka Mitsukoshi will deliver your purchases to local hotels (participating hotels*). Leave your bags behind and enjoying sightseeing and city life after your shopping is done. *Participating hotels: Most major local hotels. Please ask the Tax-Free Counter for details.