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    【Iwataya Main Store】 Spring Strawberry Fair

    2021/04/02 Iwataya Main Store

    【Shop】Iwataya Main Store
    【Location】Main building 5F    Marufuku Coffee Shop The・Parlor
    【Event Period】2021-03-03 to 2021-04-30

    Marufuku Coffee Shop is holding a limited time “Spring Strawberry Fair”.
    We have a variety of sweets and drinks using strawberries.

    ◆Amaou Strawberry Pancake (drink set only) /2,420yen
    Marufuku coffee shop’s signature hot cake is served with strawberry sauce made with Amaou. A luxurious dish served with Haagen-Dazs strawberry ice cream.

    ◆Amaou Strawberry Parfait (drink set only) /1,680yen
    A luxurious parfait with plenty of Amaou strawberries. The parfait is served with vanilla ice cream, patissier’s homemade franboise sauce and chocolate brownie, and finished with cherry meringue and condensed milk. The amount of condensed milk can be adjusted to you liking.

    ※Some products are limited in quantity and may be out of stock.
    ※All prices include tax.