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    【Fukuoka Mitsukoshi】 <FANCL> Summer Make Up Release

    2021/06/07 Fukuoka Mitsukoshi

    【Shop】Fukuoka Mitsukoshi
    【Location】 1st floor    Cosmetics/FANCL
    【Event Period】2021-05-17 to 2022-05-31

    【Glittering, translucent makeup for summer】

    Summer limited collection with glitter resembling particles of ray of lights that brings out a fresh and glowing look. Your face changes as summer style with glowing eyes and lips.
    ・Prism Light Eye Color <Aurora Brown> 2,090 Yen
    ・Bright & Colorful Veil <Prism Shower> 3,300 Yen
    ・Aqua Serum Rouge <Glitter Pink> 3,190 Yen
    ・Nail Color <Strawberry Shake><Popping Ice> 880 Yen each

    *Limited stock. We apologize in advance in case we are out of stock.
    *All prices include tax.