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    【Iwataya Main Store】<MEPHISTO>NEW OPEN

    2021/10/08 Iwataya Main Store

    【Shop】Iwataya Main Store
    【Location】Main Building 5th floor    Men’s Shoes
    【Event Period】2021-09-15 to 2022-09-30

    MEPHISTO was established in Sarrebourg, France in 1965. The founder, Martin Michaeli, established MEPHISTO with the ideal of “making the best shoes in the world” in mind.
    All MEPHISTO shoes are made of carefully selected European materials and are produced by skilled craftsmen under strict quality control in the company’s factories in France and Portugal.
    SOFT-AIR, which is used in all MEPHISTO shoes, is supple and flexible and can absorb and minimize the impact from the ground when you walk. This technology protects the legs, hips, and cervical spine for a fatigue-free walking.

    RAINBOW 1351
    45,980 Yen
    PEPPO 8951/9851
    53,680 Yen

    ※Some products are limited in quantity and may be out of stock.
    ※All prices include tax.