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    【Fukuoka Mitsukoshi】<PIAGET> Grand Reopening

    2022/06/22 Fukuoka Mitsukoshi

    【Shop】Fukuoka Mitsukoshi
    【Location】1F   PIAGET
    【Event Period】2022-06-16 to 2023-06-30

    The PIAGET Boutique is reopening on May 27th (Fri), on the first floor of Fukuoka Mitsukoshi.

    The boutique has a white, gold, and blue-based interior, and as the first in Japan, also has a watchmaking presentation corner. We welcome you to the luxurious world of <PIAGET> creations.



    1,416,800 Yen

    (Stainless steel/Case diameter 42 mm/1110P Piaget-made self-winding movement/Interchangable rubber strap)

    This is a new model from the famous PIAGET POLO collection, an icon of sports and the chic lifestyle. With the iconic combination of a round and cushion type case, this model comes with an upgraded movement, and features a new coloring.



    1,531,200 Yen

    (K18PG, Diamond/Case diameter 29 mm/56P Piaget-made quartz movement/Interchangeable strap)

    This luxury watch draws inspiration from the turning band that symbolizes POSSESION. The timepiece features a combination of a shining silver dial with pink gold and diamonds, and the interchangeable strap lets you change your style according to your mood.

    POSSESSION Pendant


    1,346,400 Yen

    (K18WG/55 round brilliant cut diamonds (approximately 0.68 ct))

    A pendant that represents joy, playfulness and a sense of freedom, the sentiments that inspired POSSESSION. The pendant is adorned with the signature turning band encircling a hemisphire of diamonds in a pavé setting. By adjusting the chain, a long, short or assymetrical arrangement is possible. Please have fun with your look of the day, with this necklace that can be styled however you like.



    638,000 Yen

    (K18WG/58 brilliant cut diamonds (approximately 0.34 ct))

    This POSSESSION ring shines with diamonds set in white gold. Both ends have been decorated with turning bands that move tirelessly, diamonds releasing an elegant twinkle with every twist. This is jewelry that signifies a life filled with positive energy and optimistic spirit.

    *Please be aware that some products are limited in quantity, and may be sold out.

    *All prices include tax.