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    2022/08/03 Iwataya Main Store

    【Shop】Iwataya Main Store
    【Location】Annex B2F Lifestyle
    【Event Period】2022-07-19 to 2023-07-31

    Greenery is now an indispensable part of interior design, enhancing the appeal of a space and filling it with life and vibrancy.

    While gorgeous, delicate flowers in a vase are of course lovely, the strong vitality of a potted plant is exceptional.

    They can bring exciting change and comfort to our lives, and by choosing them to match the atmosphere of a room, they can easily fit in with the interior and accentuate the space.

    This summer, The Conran Shop offers stylish and inviting planters and watering cans to help you enjoy a life with plants.

    A wide variety of designs and sizes are available, from small to large. We hope you will find a planter that beautifully matches your interior and plants from our wide variety.



    [Small] 13,200 yen, [Medium] 19,800 yen

    The PLANTER WITH WOODEN STAND pot cover with stand creates a space between the floor and the pot, giving houseplants a clean look.

    The addition of height creates depth, which is also recommended when displaying multiple pots in combination.

    White pot covers are clean and enhance the vibrancy of the plants. The natural texture of the wooden stand makes it easy to match with any interior design, and it can be used in the living room, bedroom, entrance, or any other place.

    Material Pot: ceramic, Stand: acacia wood

    [Small] W approx. 202 D approx. 202 H approx. 312 (mm), Weight: approx. 2.5 kg

    [Medium] W approx. 285 D approx. 285 H approx. 380 (mm), Weight: approx. 4.0 kg



    [Small] 4,620 yen, [Medium] 7,700 yen,

    [Large] 11,000 yen

    The minimalist design of the ceramic pot PLANTER WITH SAUCER shows off the beauty of the plants well.

    Ceramic pots have strong and durable characteristics. It also allows moisture to penetrate easily and dries moderately, creating a good environment for the plants.

    The matte texture and heavy coloring give a cool impression by tightening the surrounding atmosphere, making it a good choice for interiors with modern taste.

    Material Ceramic

    [Small] bowl size: Φ approx. 149 H approx. 143 (mm),
    Saucer: Φ approx. 170 H approx. 33 (mm), weight: approx. 1.2 kg

    [Medium] bowl size: Φ approx. 208 H approx. 190 (mm),

    Saucer: Φ approx. 220 H approx. 40 (mm), weight: approx. 1.9 kg

    [Large] bowl size: Φ approx. 240 H approx. 238 (mm),

    Saucer: Φ approx. 257 H approx. 40 (mm), weight: approx. 2.3 kg



    Each design 28,600 yen

    Watering can by British designer JULIE-ANNE PUGH, exclusive to The Conran Shop. Designed to resemble a traditional English beach hut, this watering can with bold stripes and a unique color scheme is not only functional as a tool, but the design is also eye-catching, fun and energizing to look at, just like an art piece.

    Material Steel

    W approx. 397 D approx. 160 H approx. 310 (mm), weight: approx. 600g

    *Please be aware that some items are limited in quantity, and may be out of stock.
    *All prices include tax.