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    【Fukuoka Mitsukoshi】<POLA>Aiming for clear skin even in summer. New products from POLA launching 1 July

    2022/08/09 Fukuoka Mitsukoshi

    【Shop】Fukuoka Mitsukoshi
    【Location】1st floor Cosmetics/POLA
    【Event Period】2022-07-25 to 2023-07-31

    New products for summer care from POLA have arrived. Why not take this opportunity to start preparing for summer care with POLA?

    White shot Cream RXS

    50g 13,200 Yen

    The cream in the White shot series has been renewed. The formulation is designed with a focus on the effect of changing temperatures on people’s skin, caused by the harsh summer, change of seasons or when putting your mask on and taking it off. The cream is easy to use for all seasons, aims to prevent skin trouble and create truly clear* skin.

    【Non-medicinal Product】Brand name: WS Cream RXS

    * : Achieved through moisture

    Wrinkle shot & White shot Half-size program kits

    15,400 Yen Limited quantity

    A luxurious kit, which is a set of popular beauty liquids selected from Wrinkle shot for wrinkle reduction and White shot of the whitening* brand, has been released in limited quantities. Further, with limited sheet masks of Wrinkle shot, new cream and whitening sheet masks of White shot combined as a set, you can feel POLA’s two major brands “Shot series” at once.

    For those who would like to care about wrinkles and avoid chloasma*, summer-oriented care is provided.

    * Reducing production of melanin, thereby avoiding chloasma and freckles

    B.A Deep Clearizer Limited Collection

    9,900 Yen Limited quantity

    A limited-edition kit for a clear, transparent*1 and firmer complexion. The kit includes a deep cleansing mask to wash off excess dead skin cells with glycation*2 and dullness*3, and lotion and milk from the same series provided as a set.

    *1 : Achieved through moisture

    *2:Glycation of horny layers

    *3:Caused by dirt and old horny layers

    * Please note that some items are in limited quantities and we apologize if we run out of stock.
    *All the prices shown include tax.