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    【Iwataya Main Store】<NORDIC SLEEP> Updating sleep in autumn

    2022/11/17 Iwataya Main Store

    【Shop】Iwataya Main Store
    【Location】New building 5F Living space
    【Event Period】2022-11-08 to 2023-11-30

    In Scandinavia, the four seasons are characterized by shining frost, cloudless skies, humidity and dryness, and rising and falling temperatures.

    <NORDIC SLEEP>takes that climatic changes into consideration and keeps seeking the idea of “simplicity”,”beauty”, and “comfort” in order to offer a sleep experience that fits each individual.

    Especially, the biggest characteristic of <NORDIC SLEEP> is that does not make use of down feathers stuffing.

    “FOSSFLAKES” is inspired from the “artificial snow” and made of thinly processed polyethyene. making it light and suitable for those who are concerned about allergens.

    It is also machine washable in hot water at 60 degrees Celsius, making it easy to care for and keep clean.

    In this issue, we will introduce our unique pillows and duvets that will further update your comfortable fall sleep.

    Please visit our stores to try out the comfort and feel of our products.


    “Comfort U” – a U-shaped support pillow that can be used in a variety of positions.

    The shape can be freely changed to provide firm support for the body whether lying on the back, side, or face down.

    It can be used not only for sleeping, but also for reading, breastfeeding, and many other purposes.

    If you are concerned about stains, you can wash it in a washing machine, making it easy to keep it clean.

    Price:38,500 Yen


    【Side Sleeper】

    You are a side sleeper, but a regular pillow does not provide enough height and support.

    For such people, we recommend the “Side Sleeper,” which supports side sleeping.

    The L-shaped curved shape gently cradles your head, shoulders, and neck when you lie on your side, helping you find a comfortable sleeping position.

    Price:14,190 Yen


    ※Please be aware that some products are limited in quantity, and may be sold out.
    ※All price include tax.