2023/05/17 Iwataya Main Store

    【Shop】Iwataya Main Store
    【Location】New Building 4F De Beers Forevermark
    【Event Period】2023-04-26 to 2023-12-31

    A pop-up store for the diamond brand <De Beers Forevermark>, handled by the over 130 years history old diamond expert <De Beers>, has opened.

    <De Beers Forevermark> diamonds are beautiful, rare, and are under a thorough management system from the mine to the customer. <De Beers> diamonds are carefully selected one by one.

    Only a few of the world’s natural diamonds meet the exacting standards of De Beers Forevermark. Only beautiful diamonds that meet our own standards in all processes are marked with our inscription (brand icon and individual certification number).

    <DE BEERS FOREVERMARK> offers a wide line-up of diamonds from the fashion to bridal line.

    <Forevermark Icon ® Collection>

    An “icon” that expresses the stars shining in the night sky, and contours the outline of a diamond. The two eternal symbols, the star and the diamond, are represented by this diamond jewelry line.

    3 Stone Band 330,000 JPY

    (K18YG、diamond size 0.30ct)

    3Stone Line Necklace 693,000 JPY

    (K18YG、diamond size 0.50ct、chain 45cm)

    <Center of My Universe ® Floral Halo>

    A sophisticated flower-shaped design. Just as halo means ring light or angel ring, the set of halo rings with pavé diamonds make the diamond stone in the center shine even more beautifully.

    Floral Halo Solitaire Pendant

    Platinum – Pink Gold, each from 473,000 JPY

    (Medium diamond 0.30ct~, Side stones size 0.08ct~)

    Floral Halo Solitaire Pavé Ring

    Platinum from 1,210,000 JPY

    Pink gold from 1,155,000 JPY

    (Medium diamond 0.50ct~、Side stones size 0.30ct~)

    ※Some products are stock limited, so please note it can run out of stock.
    ※All prices include tax.

    ※Prices shown are as of February 1st, 2023.