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    【Fukuoka Mitsukoshi】<Nayuta>Handcrafts exhibition ~Hitoshio~

    2024/02/07 Fukuoka Mitsukoshi

    【Shop】Fukuoka Mitsukoshi
    【Location】4th floor Women’s clothing
    【Event Period】2024-01-30 to 2024-03-03

    In December 2022, the “healing theme park <Nayuta>” was born in Hisayama.
    Currently, we welcome customers with a lineup of onigiri cafeterias, restaurants, cafes with observation decks, marches, select shops, flower shops, tent saunas, rental spaces, and dog parks. A large public bath and wood-burning sauna will open in the spring of 2024, and accommodation facilities will open the following year.
    In this POPUP, we will introduce the original handcrafts brand “Hitoshio” from <Nayuta>. They make traditional items such as kappo kimonos, monpe, work clothes, and arbor bags handmade in a casual style.
    We also have other items such as food, clothing, and daily life, and we are looking forward to your visit.

    At <Hitoshio> all products are handmade by craftsmen at the factory in Iizuka City, from fabric dyeing to sewing.
    We hope that those who purchase them will be able to use them for a long time.

    Traditional apron
    19,800 yen

    Size: Single size

    16,500 yen

    Size: S, M, L

    33,000 yen

    Size: S, M, L

    ※Please note that some products are limited in quantity, so it may run out of stock.
    ※All prices include tax